Server Engineer

Penrose Studios crafts ground-breaking immersive stories, and needs your help building a platform for this new artistic medium. As a server engineer at Penrose, you will build the servers and backend systems that bring people together in virtual worlds.



  • Design and build a massively scalable backend system and assist developing the project architecture.

  • Build and maintain server code bases.

  • Collaborate with client-side developers and the content team.

  • Identify and resolve issues with network latency, reliability, and scalability.

  • Evaluate hosting providers and SDKs.


  • A minimum of 5 years server and network programming experience.

  • Experience developing the large-scale backend system for a real-time application or MMO game.

  • Strong knowledge of C++, Python, C, C#, or Java.

  • Experience with a variety of backend & database technologies and with making architectural trade-offs.

  • Comfortable wandering around unexplored application/game design territory, and excited to contribute to refining ideas.

  • Collaborative mindset and ability to communicate effectively.


Penrose is based in San Francisco.