Eugene Chung, CEO

Eugene Chung is a film director and the founder of Penrose, a startup focused on augmented and virtual reality. Previously, Eugene was Head of Film & Media at Oculus VR, which was later acquired by Facebook for $2 billion. While at Oculus, Eugene co-created Story Studio, bringing together storytellers and artists from Pixar. Prior to Oculus, he was with New Enterprise Associates and Pixar Animation Studios. He holds degrees from UC Berkeley and Harvard.

Twitter @eyc

Jimmy Maidens, Chief SCIENTIST

Jimmy is a veteran CG filmmaker, having served as a technical lead and artist at Dreamworks for over 12 years on films such as the Shrek and Madagascar series. As a true CG generalist, Jimmy has wide expertise in multiple areas including lighting, modeling, animation, FX, coding, scripting rendering and concept art. Jimmy has been a VR enthusiast for most of his life, and has amassed a large VR headset collection over several decades.